Wearing schedules

Wearing schedules

Wearing times tend to differ among patients; some will feel the need to clean the lenses more than once a day due to possible deposits, while many wear the lenses all day without removing them. Scleral lenses should not be worn for any longer than has been recommended, nor should they ever be worn overnight.

Starting scheme

To begin with, the lenses should be worn in two phases per day. Wearing time may be increased by half an hour each day.

For example:

Day 1:                           2 x 1 hour
Day 2:                           2 x 1.5 hours
Day 3:                           2 x 2 hours
Day 4:                           2 x 2.5 hours
Day 5:                           2 x 3 hours
Day 6:                           2 x 3.5 hours
Days 7, 8, 9 and 10:     2 x 4 hours

If wearing the lenses causes no problems after the first 10 days, then wearing time may further be extended:

Day 11:                         2 x 4.5 hours
Day 12:                         2 x 5 hours Etc.

Once the eyes have become fully accustomed to the lenses, they may be worn all day long.