Patients abroad

Patients from all over the world have discovered the advantages of the scleral lenses fitted at Visser Contact Lens Practice. Those travelling further distances to reach us benefit from the special arrangements we are able to make with regard to fitting and production of the lenses. We can fit the lenses and have them made at the laboratory within 1 week. Naturally, we need to take into account the schedules of the eye-care specialists and the laboratory, so we shall need to book your appointment at least three weeks ahead.

Schedule overview

Day 1 : Fitting session at our practice in Nijmegen and full instruction on the lens care and handling procedure.

Please make sure you have not worn your present contact lenses for at least a day, if you are to come for a fitting appointment. Do bring your present lenses and/or glasses with you when you visit us, as well as any relevant information from your current eye-care specialist.

Day 1 and 2: The lenses will be made to order.
Day 3: Dispensing session at our practice in Nijmegen, as well as a repeat instruction if necessary.
Day 4: Follow-up consultation appointment at our practice in Nijmegen.

In some cases a few more days may be required to complete the fitting procedure.