Fitting procedure

How is the fitting procedure performed?

Scleral lenses may only be fitted by specially trained optometrists. Rients Visser developed modern scleral lens fitting techniques, breaking away from the traditional more complex methods (e.g. eye impressions and fenestrated scleral lenses). During the fitting procedure, the cornea and sclera are evaluated in a highly specialised manner in order to select a suitable trial lens. Subsequently, based on results obtained from the trial lens, several parameters (e.g. power, curves and diameter) are determined for the definitive lens. For optimal fitting, we prefer you to visit us having not worn your present contact lenses for at least a day. The scleral lenses are made to order at Procornea, a specialised laboratory implementing very sophisticated techniques. Procornea is situated in Eerbeek, The Netherlands.

Production time is generally approximately two weeks. However, for patients from abroad, we are able to arrange for the lenses to be available within a few days.

Before the lenses are dispensed, clear instructions will be given regarding lens care and handling procedure.