Over the past decade, Rients Visser (FIGURE 9) has closely cooperated with Procornea, a rigid lens laboratory, situated in Eerbeek, The Netherlands.

Figure 9

Figure 9

Through their technological innovations in design, fitting method and manufacture of scleral lenses, more precise fitting techniques have been established.

There have been two important developments in the precise sub micron lathing fabrication (FIGURE 10) of the lens: a front surface cylinder to improve vision, and a back-surface toric to prevent air bubbles from becoming trapped underneath the lens as well as to optimize the fitting of the lens. This has resulted in four types of scleral lenses: spherical; front surface toric; back surface toric and bi-toric. Interest in these unique types of scleral lenses has come from all over the world and has been promoted by the various international seminars that Visser has presented. For further information, see the publications





 Figure 10